Freelance Productions, LLC

 will help you create the highest quality Commercial, 

Wedding or Music Video, that you deserve.


My name is Lance Nelson, and ever since I was eight years old I've wanted to be a movie director. It was in 1999 when I was 9 years old that I was watching the news and there was a story about how the Star Wars franchise had made just shy of a BILLION dollars. That made me think, "I could buy a giant house with that for me, my family, ... and everyone I know!" And so the seed was planted.  Later on I would take my mum's video camera and film random stuff and try and make my own Star Wars and Mission Impossible movies. At 22 I got a job as a cameraman for KSL 5 News and did that for 2 years. There I learned a lot about camera work.

Now that I'm older making movies has grown into a love for storytelling. How movies can make you think and feel. How it can give you a different perspective on life, show you the hardships of others and how to overcome trials. Whether the movie makes you laugh or cry, elated or scared, cinema has an effect on our culture. We can learn so much from the examples of others. . And if you can make a change in the world. If you can make it a better place, even if only for a couple of hours, isn't that worth a shot?

Freelance Film Productions LLC will help you make a commercial that will perfectly sell your company. Help you capture those priceless memories on your Wedding Day, or Help your band create a music video, or record your concert, that will help you go viral.

When you get to my age all you have left are the stories you can tell, so live Life to the fullest, never turn down a challenge, and always get in to Sensible Mischief.
— Old Man from New Zealand